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Eden Laurin, Founder

My entry to volunteerism really began at DePaul University, where I worked with the University Ministry Department, participating and leading volunteer trips from Okolona Mississippi, to San Salvador, El Salvador. As an interfaith committee, the idea was to look deeper at work done with a global community, speak to the dignity of every person and pair volunteer work with reflection. It was not a Catholic endeaver, it was human.

Directly after college, I went to Guatemala City and spent a year working with local children, by making an abandoned shed into an interdisciplinary ‘school’. Students were from age 6 months, to 18 years old. Upon returning to Chicago, I began work with The Global Foodbanking Network, International sister organization to Feeding America (America’s Second Harvest), establishing international Food Banks. Simultaneously, I began work at The Violet Hour, a premier cocktail bar in the country, if not world. Seeing the juxtaposition of high end spirits, and their growing value in the beverage industry, with the disparity of basic needs such as water, I was inspired to start The Drinking Fountain. I bootstrapped its creation, and leveraged my leadership at The Violet Hour, to create a cocktail mix line called The Violet Hour +, so that both the amazing work at The Violet Hour and the potential needs of The Drinking Fountain, could work tandemly to address needs both locally and globally.

It has been difficult. To attain 501c3 status. To prioritize finding collaborators and projects, and to choose in which way we can create change. But the necessity of doing good work, with transparancy and thoughfulness, is growing.

Mia Clarke, Director

Robert Haynes, Creative Director

Marian Weidner, Secretary